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Our Ocean conference

Our Ocean - Youth Summit

European Marine Information was participating at the great Our Ocean 2017 conference through the Youth Summit in Malta. Gathering more than 100 young entrepreneurs and students, it was organized by the SOA (Sustainable Ocean Alliance). As Young Ocean Leaders, we presented our project and met many fantastic people bringing solutions for the ocean.

The Youth Summit

Our Ocean - An Ocean For Life

We also had the opportunity to assist to the conference, and to listen to John Kerry and Karmenu Vella among others. A global 6 billion euros were committed by public and private actors to enhance ocean governance. Many speech highlighted the major stake for young generation to be involved in the policy making. In this way, SOA announced the launch of his Ocean Solutions Accelerator to accompany young entrepreneur in their project to protect and increase the sustainability of the ocean. As an incubator specialized in the marine area, SOA aims to develop an entrepreneurial community fo the sea.

Another example is the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO which reaffirmed its implication to improve cooperation on ocean literacy by the development of an online platform to share projects and resources in sustainable development.

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